DI&E Comprehensive Strategy and Implementation

Typically, this requires internal and external stakeholder interviews to gauge synergies, gaps, and opportunities. All strategic plans require outlining goals, objectives, tasks, key performance indicators and measurable outcomes in order for successful implementation. If the focus is on fostering more DI&E within your organization, we assess every stage of your employee lifecycle and improve the organizational process, practices and systems that shape your workforce. As a third-party, we ensure this is a non-threatening process and can obtain the pulse of an organization through input, actions, and policy.

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Federal, state, and local mandates require energy, utility, and other companies to design and build programs that increase participation of their customer base in hard-to-reach areas. Our strong community network and internal diversity representation make us a good fit to guide the process. Internal employee base compliance issues like pay gap and benefit transparency reporting are increasing.  Pay disparities impact moral, retention, and your bottom line if a legal case is bought upon you.  In addition, equal opportunity and sexual harassment law is changing rapidly.  New reporting requirements are necessary.  We can walk you through checklists in as little as a day or spend a week training your personnel on local, state, and national HR policy.  We take a comprehensive look at the many factors and processes that influence compensation and analyze outcomes by gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, ethnicity, and other demographic groups.  We will identify bias and barriers and recommend systematic changes ensuring you are not only fixing gaps and high-risk areas, but are building a more inclusive, responsive, and equitable organization.


Communities have varying cultural identities whether inside a company or within the communities they serve. Taking the time to understand the many layers of culture can result in the right approach producing desired results.  Misinterpreting cultural identify without their input will assuredly lead to cyclical failures. We understand this point as we have worked with displaced people around the world along with communities most effected by conflict, natural disasters, pollution, and crisis.

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Using international, national, state, local and industry level indicators, we can help you understand where you stand against other direct or indirect competitors.  Reliable demographic information concerning your workforce is imperative to DI&E.  We can help you create dashboards and measure progress creating internal and external reports that can be shared to create awareness.  You can show your hand if there are gaps and recognize the need for improvement.  Being open and transparent with your own employees and perhaps the outside world may earn you respect.  If anything, being armed with the information will help in the process of improvement and give a baseline needed to grow.