We analyze each phase of the employee experience from hiring, retaining and developing leaders.  Once we deep dive and assimilate our findings, we use our experience to help guide your organization leading to short- and long-term gains and sustainable change.   Ultimately, we want to achieve positive cultural change and are aware that this takes time.  We must show short term gains in order for people to take risks up front with the end game in mind.  Leaders must be willing to deal with disruption and push-back in order to create cultural change.  We provide tools in order to be proactive-not reactive.  Culture trumps mission any day of the week and is often the hardest thing to change.  Many have been at DI&E for a decade plus with little to show for it.  You may have internal HR and Diversity personnel who mange this but usually, this is just one or a few people who are bogged down in putting out daily fires at work with little time to focus strategically let alone be able to implement programs. We can help train the trainer, outline a strategic direction, coach without fear of making the boss upset, train employees to be more inclusive and create a sense of belonging and monitor progress over time with tune ups required as necessary