Once we have a pulse of the organization through surveys, interviews and focus groups, we build out short- and long-term strategies solutions where we engage with the client on prioritization of efforts. We will compare you against others in your industry using indicators like demographics, policy and compensation, retention, development and more. From there we finalize a workable plan for your organization and if warranted, conduct periodic check-ins to monitor progress.

What can you bite off?  Where shall you begin and who will be responsible for what? 

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Training, Coaching and Program Development

We partner with clients to drive accountability from the top while supporting employee-led and grassroots efforts. We provide training, coaching, and consulting to equip your workforce-from executives and managers to individual contributors-with the skills they need to create inclusive, equitable environments where people feel like they belong. We will give many…

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DI&E Comprehensive Strategy and Implementation

Typically, this requires internal and external stakeholder interviews to gauge synergies, gaps, and opportunities. All strategic plans require outlining goals, objectives, tasks, key performance indicators and measurable outcomes in order for successful implementation. If the focus is on fostering more DI&E within your organization, we assess every stage of your employee lifecycle and improve the organizational process,…

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2020vet provides a suite of professional services to promote and implement diversity, equity and inclusion solutions within your organization.  We listen, assess internal and external systems and processes that shape the workforce, design strategies, implement impactful sustainable programs, develop senior leaders and train employees to view their organization through a gender lens.  Creating a sense of belonging through meaningful relationships and trust is our goal which ultimately leads to transformational change.  This is critical to building effective, high-performing teams. We consult, develop workshops, programs and provide impactful speakers in order to motivate and develop employees and leaders driving systematic and individual level change.

Our experts are C-Suite professionals.  We speak from a place of real-world knowledge not solely guided by data and theory.  We have had our own businesses, held public offices, led corporate initiatives, led and held Board seats, created national gender and diversity policy and directives, held top government and industry strategic operational planning initiatives and more.  Many of us are trailblazers in our own right having lived through gender integration and what that means to individuals and an organization. We know the value of diversity and inclusion and present it in a way that resonates.