Social & Environment

Social & Environment

Doing What is Right

Today’s function within the supply chain-manufacturing, packaging, distribution, reverse logistics, repair-often operate in isolation. Combining and optimizing these functions produces positive impacts on the environment and the bottom line.  Veterans are a perfect fit in this industry bringing logistical, IT and project management skills learned in the service to work for you.  You cannot ask for a better team to accomplish your mission. Teamwork and excellence is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Support Net Zero Waste & Energy goalsenvironment-graph
  • Lean processes
  • Recycling programs
  • Less material use in packaging
  • Lowered emissions & CO2 output
  • Providing needed U.S. jobs
  • Employing veterans & assisting with reintegration
  • Diversity supplier program
  • Digital print technology reduces inventory waste
  • Materials used from recycled content
  • Facility is outfitted with energy-saving devices, high efficiency lighting & insulation

Our Quadruple Bottom Line

“My religion is very simple; it is Kindness and Compassion.” — Dalai Lama

well-beingThe phrase ‘triple bottom line’ was coined in 1994 and the idea was that companies should be preparing three different (separate) bottom lines; One is the traditional measure of corporate profit-the ‘bottom line’ of the profit and loss account. The second is the bottom line of a company’s ‘people account’-a measure of how socially responsible an organization has been throughout its operations. The third is the bottom line of the company’s ‘planet’ account-a measure of a company’s environmental footprint.

2020vet will add the fourth ‘P’ of purpose in all that we do. It provides a means to measure, value and assess the addition of culture in reporting. It adds navigation of important goals without compromising core values. It provides an additional opportunity for companies to express a clear purpose to improve the planet with community well being.   We believe in the win-win model by focusing on the health and well being of our customer’s business goals as well as our Veterans. When all parties are aligned, and the greatest good is upheld, the community has no choice but to listen.

By the very nature of value chain management we cut costs and reduce environmental footprints making for a more sustainable business. Our social equity or our ‘people account’ is healthy as we are providing Veterans with work they are suited for and a way for them to give back to other Veterans in the community fostering loyalty and engagement. Our fourth P, the ‘purpose’ is powerful on two fronts; we take care of our own which is in line with military culture and we put people back into society better adjusted. Thus, reducing social burden costs and improving the health of the economy. Our culture of hard work, innovation, integrity and teamwork will benefit any customer we have.

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