Intelligent Logistics Solutions

Intelligent Logistics Solutions

Logistics Make Operations Possible – Seventy percent of senior executives stated that they know they must streamline their supply chain.  They are siloed and inefficient.  Executives understand that by taking the time to focus on logistics to support operations, costs and errors go down and they reduce their environmental footprint.   Yet it never seems there is enough time in the day as most spend it working in the business, not on the business.  As a woman, veteran-owned company, we understand that logistics win and lose wars.   Lives are at stake.  It is no different in business.  It is not as severe as lives lost but it can result in people out of work and business shutting their doors because they could not get what they wanted where they wanted in a timely manner.  To be truly efficient, you need real-time visibility with state-of-the-art technology along with the human element of talent.   Whether you need a complete supply chain overhaul, or a part of the system improved, we can help.   2020vet covers every phase from strategic planning, acquisition, inventory and vendor management, assembly, packaging and print, fulfillment, distribution, customer care and reverse logistics. We serve our customers need for a streamlined, resilient, secure, traceable and a sustainable value chain.

We are a multifaceted company that can see what others may miss.  We get it right the first time with the flexibility and ingenuity not commonly found in larger firms. We make the complex simple through our award winning team of account managers, supply chain experts and engineers along with our cutting edge technology solutions. 2020vet is located in Silicon Valley, California with a satellite office in Washington DC. We have experienced personnel highly trained in strategy and risk mitigation along with innovative technologies that reduce disruption, costs and environmental footprints. 2020vet increases oversight, speed, security, flexibility and quality, giving our customers competitive advantages needed in an ever-changing business environment. We take care of our clients by taking care of their customers on time, on budget with zero errors and disruptions.

Our projects have included:supply-chain-graphic.png

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Integrated Logistics
  • Risk Management
  • Traceability, Visibility & Security
  • Third Party Logistics (3PL) Support
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Packaging & Kitting/Assembly
  • 24/7 Real-Time Inventory Management
  • Print & Marketing/Brand Management
  • Media Duplication
  • Turnkey Operations
  • Acquisition Support
  • Business Audit Process Development and Execution
  • Program Management and Administration
  • Forecasting
  • Fulfillment & Distribution
  • System Audit/RFID Readiness
  • Help Desk Services/Call Center
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