Professional, Technical & Engineering Services

Professional, Technical & Engineering Services

2020vet provides a dynamic suite of Professional and Technical Services to promote and implement best-in-class business operations for our clients.  We can help you make informed and intelligent real-time decisions about which technologies are available to meet a wide range of objectives from containing costs on the back end and mission accomplishment on the front end. We can also provide subject matter experts in multiple engineering, aviation and scientific disciplines to help investigate and solve complex problems in a clear, concise manner.

With this broad range of expertise, plus the years of experience our staff members made up of mostly U.S. Veterans bring into play, we are able to address virtually any problem our clients bring to us.  We further augment our full-time staff with a select group of contractors and partners with unique education or experience to address those more esoteric needs that come up from time to time. Customers count on us to take an investigative approach that covers every angle and clearly communicates results. We integrate highly experienced personnel with the latest technological approaches to produce information and reduce unnecessary risk needed to make informed business decisions.

Commercial Drones are changing the way we all do business. Also known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), they are an economic game changer.  The UAS is nothing more than the technology platform to capture data and in todays business world, data is king.  However, obtaining data through drones is not as easy.  There are a ton rules that must be followed or you could end up crashing and burning.  Here is what we can offer:

  • Aviation expertise & program management
  • National reach
  • Data analytics
  • Qualified pilots & operators
  • Safe, legal and insured environment
  • FAA approval
  • Full end-to-end highly complex UAS supply chain management
  • Determining right platform and payload based on testing and data
  • Tower equipment labeling (RFID tag placement working with manufacturers)
  • Transfer of images and video quickly
  • FAA, ISO approved, safe, secure test site
  • 3D mapping, inspections & inventorying in remote areas
  • Surveying disaster areas or accident scenes
  • Proof of concept/test business cases

droneThe drone ecosystem is filled with thousands of manufacturers of drones, payloads and software developers.  Most pilots are what we like to call ‘Cowboys’ that are not qualified.  It is a little like the wild west out there now.  It becomes overwhelming for many to test a simple idea.  Do they buy their own fleet and ensure pilots meet all the requirements or do they outsource to experts that are insured, proven and insightful?  The technologies are evolving so fast that obsolescence is common, even in this young industry. Can they test multiple platforms in a safe and secure environment avoiding potential liabilities?  Understanding how a UAS can help you become more competitive is our goal.

done-flying2020vet brings the right team together to explore legitimate business solutions at a safe and secure ISO & FAA approved UAS Center of Excellence and Innovation test site.  We operate under a strict regimen defined by nearly 100 policies, processes, and procedures that have been reviewed by the FAA. It is the first and only test site to have created a modern, state-of-the-art Mission Control Center (MCC).  It is central to all test site operations and functions as the single data collection facility.    To date, over 250 business cases have been tested from various Fortune 100 companies.

As there are over 300 commercial UAS applications, 2020vet can be a trusted partner in developing technologies through R&D, product development and commercialization.  We use data to integrate platforms into the national airspace and have access to internal and external highly qualified UAS operators that can deploy anywhere in the country as needed.

working on droneOur Team includes private/public partnerships with industry, universities and non profits that have extensive past performance in a very young industry.  They are tested and proven and we welcome the opportunity to provide subject matter expertise in order to help you become the leader in this space.

Our People include management, researchers, engineering staff, planners & schedulers, business, safety and flight operations personnel.  Degrees include several Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Aviation Business Administration, Geography, Computer Science, Molecular and Cell Biology, Biochemistry and other technical specialties.

erica-helicopterVeterans-The Right People for the Job: As the CEO of 2020vet, a former active Army scout helicopter pilot, myself and my team of Veterans understand flight operations, safety, security, risk mitigation, reconnaissance and mapping, data capture, communication leapfrogging beyond Line of Sight, program management, transferring images and video electronically, leadership and more.  We perform the same missions, only manned.  Additionally, we have been using drones in various operational capacities for decades so the space is nothing new for us.  As an Army officer, we understand teamwork and bring in the right people to perform the mission above standard.  Look at us an extension of your group.  A strategic arm that can help you through all phases of flight to include; evaluating the need, safety, testing the plan, resource scheduler, site security, analyzing data, reporting results, having correct certifications and insurance, ability to offer various platforms and payloads, provide qualified pilots, approval from the FAA and act as a command and control network.  We will get you beyond proof of concept and be able to offer the right people and platforms to potentially accomplish whatever business case you dream up to give your company a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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