Diversity Inclusion Programming

Diversity Inclusion Programming

A Diverse Workforce Equates to Better Results- The country wants to hire veterans and most companies are struggling to hire and keep women.  There are reasons for this. We can help you develop a plan to recruit, retain and develop diversity within your organization.  Understanding these demographics and what motivates them to stay and work hard will result in longer term prosperity for your company.    Diversity and inclusion are simply bringing together varying perspectives with the goal of better outcomes that may not have been able to be achieved through myopic thinking.  Research overwhelmingly shows multi-faceted approaches increases industry ROI and shareholder value.  We incorporate baselines, personality tests, group work and involve participants at every level ensuring they not only see the value but can implement positive change.  We facilitate and allow you to come up with solutions and a plan moving forward.

2020vet provides a suite of professional services to promote and implement diversity, equity and inclusion solutions within your organization.  We listen, assess internal and external systems and processes that shape the workforce, design strategies, implement impactful sustainable programs, develop senior leaders and train employees to view their organization through a gender lens.  Creating a sense of belonging through meaningful relationships and trust is our goal which ultimately leads to transformational change.  This is critical to building effective, high-performing teams. We consult, develop workshops, programs and provide impactful speakers in order to motivate and develop employees and leaders driving systematic and individual level change.

Approach: Most understand the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion as it is a moral and economic imperative.  Many try to create their own programs internally-often with an internal employee to lead the charge.  However, these people are very rarely experts about diversity and inclusion from an international, national and state level perspective.  We can identify any strengths and areas for improvement much quicker and build out tailored approaches that are meaningful to create positive cultural change.  2020vet will identify barriers, misconceptions, unintentional bias, unresponsive systems and more to help better attract, hire, retain and develop a diverse workforce that drives positive impact.

Strategy: Once we have a pulse of the organization through surveys, interviews and focus groups, we build out short- and long-term strategies solutions where we engage with the client on prioritization of efforts.  We will compare you against others in your industry using indicators like demographics, policy and compensation, retention, development and more.  What can you bite off?  Where shall you begin and who will be responsible for what?  From there we finalize a workable plan for your organization and if warranted, conduct periodic check-ins to monito progress.

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