Security & Quality

Security & Quality


2020vet safeguards our clients’ products and data by utilizing robust prevention, backup and recovery and strict security measures.  Our risk management is an ongoing interactive process where we examine risk points within the environment and evaluate strategies to mitigate them efficiently and securely.   The system architecture is such that it will keep running in the case of a natural disaster due to private clouds with multiple data centers using VMware disaster recovery solutions, DataDomain backup appliances and EMC storage hardware.  We partner with firms that allow for critical service restoration, power and equipment replacement.  The databases have full encryption capability and are PCI DSS compliant.   Physical security is also tightly controlled as our warehouse adheres to the highest certification standards.  Various personnel have security clearances and the staff is subject to background checks.


Our commitment to quality is paramount because as complexities in the supply chain increases, so does the opportunity for mistakes that can be very costly.  We track, measure and report internal and external Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by department, by client and often by individual product.  We share data with our clients and routinely ship thousands of units without a single error through innovative process design, training, metrics and attention to detail.   Our Vendor Portal, Vendor Management System (VMS) allows for easy communications regarding quality metrics and other related KPIs, business awards and trend analysis.  This is where the vendor approval starts.  We screen our subcontractors intently and often have long-standing relationships to reduce risk.

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