What We Do


  • Provide a one-of-a-kind team comprised of military, WPS and GENAD experts having first-hand, boots on ground, global experience
  • We speak the language of government ensuring the intended audience understands how WPS and a ‘gender lens’ helps them in their job
  • Build out effective on-site teams to manage the mission through engagements, staffing and reporting mechanisms
    • Mixed engagement teams
    • Female engagement teams
    • Oversight team


  • Incoming or current employees, soldiers, staff, and commanders using vignettes, lessons learned and exercises
  • Assist academia in the creation of standardized WPS training and curriculum relevant to the intended audience in a language they can relate to
  • Assist agencies providing first-hand military and interagency subject matter expertise injects
  • Assist academia in building out frameworks for gender and gap analysis that are not cumbersome but effective
  • Assist agencies in standardizing GENAD and Gender Focal Point (GFP) training


  • Obtain situational understanding, offering solutions and aid in implementation
  • Can be retained for subject matter expertise on call when needed
  • Assist in determining where WPS sits within organizations and who has lead
  • Determine how to remedy problems in compliance with peers


  • Create steady-state policy, plans and standardization unique to your mission but in line with international and national goals
  • Create safety and security checklists
  • Third-party assessment of the WPS program reporting findings and recommendations to keep agencies in compliance
  • Assist in WPS budget allocation forecasts ensuring objectives are being met and resourced appropriately