Erica G. Courtney Warrior Woman Hits the Stands

Erica G. Courtney Warrior Woman Hits the Stands

US-Veterans-Mag-Spring-2015Erica G. Courtney is in the spring 2015 issue of U.S. Veterans Magazine

Erica G. Courtney understands just how difficult integration into a male dominated environment can be and is passing on the lessons she’s learned to the next generation of Army officers and Veteran entrepreneurs. Erica faced gender bias early in her career, having been among the first women officers assigned as a helicopter pilot to a heavy division cavalry unit in the U.S. Army. Statistically only 1% of the U.S. population serve in the military and less than 1% of the total 1% are women in combat arms roles. Erica was definitely outnumbered by her male counterparts, many who did not want women serving alongside of them. Because she worked hard and set the example, the men who originally did not want her there were the same ones who wanted her to stay near the end of her tour of duty.

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