We Despise Inefficiencies

Focus is two-fold.
1) Logistics 2) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy

2020vet identifies gaps and risk areas focusing on creating a streamlined, resilient, secure, traceable and sustainable supply chain.  We do everything from acquisition, inventory management, kitting, distribution to reverse logistics.  Leaders understand that by taking the time to focus on logistics to support operations, costs and errors go down and they reduce their environmental footprint.  Whether you need a complete supply chain overhaul, or a part of the system improved, we can help.

2020vet also provides a suite of professional services to promote and implement diversity, equity and inclusion solutions within your organization.  People want to hire, retain and develop veterans but data shows that 54% quit by year one and 74% by year two.  We will give you insight as to why this is reality and how to truly embrace them as a team member in a way they understand.  You will undoubtedly get better results.  Additionally, our focus is on women. Women make up half the population, yet most companies have very few at the mid to senior levels.  Why is that?  Like veterans, women are often motivated by more than money.  A sense of belonging is key.  We listen, assess internal and external systems and processes that shape the workforce, design strategies, implement impactful sustainable programs, develop senior leaders and train employees to view their organization through a gender lens.  Creating a sense of belonging through meaningful relationships and trust is our goal which ultimately leads to transformational change.  This is critical to building effective, high-performing teams.

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